Pamela Cookey

Sport/Event: Netball

Positions: Goal Attack & Goal Shooter

Date and Place of Birth: 1984, Birmingham

Coached by: Jess Thirlby

Course of Study: Degree in Business Administration at the University of Bath

Clubs: Team Bath, Northern Mystics

Representational honours: England


Pamela is England captain and one of the country’s most exciting netballers. She has been a member of all five Team Bath teams that won Netball Superleague titles in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2013.

She played for...

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Kadeen Corbin

Kadeen CorbinSport/Event: Netball

Position: Goal shooter, goal attack

Date and Place of Birth: 27 November 1991, London, UK

Height: 178cm

Weight: 74kg

Coached by: Jess Thirlby, Denise Elise and Emily Perry

Date Arrived at Team Bath: September 2010

Course of Study: Sports Performance

Length of Course: 2 years

Clubs: Team Bath Toucans, Team Bath


Kadeen first started playing for Brunel Hurricanes youth squad (NTL) at 14 and at the age of 16 winning with an undefeated title in 2008/9.

At the...

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Kirsty Delves

Kirsty DelvesSport/Event >
Netball, position: goal shooter / goal keeper

Date and Place of Birth >
1990, UK

Height > 1.88m

Coached by >
Jess Garland

Clubs > Team Bath

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Netball has given Kirsty more confidence on and off court and improved her all-round skills.

Headline Result >
Team Bath – Superleague Champions 2009 and 2010

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Asha Francis

Asha FrancisSport/Event >Netball

Position >: Goal attack, Wing attack, Centre

Date and Place of Birth > 1986, Singapore

Height > 177cm

Weight > 68kg

Coached by >
Jess Thirlby – Superleague
Emily Perry – Toucans

Date Arrived at Team Bath > August 2004

Course of Study > BA (Hons) Coach Education and Sports Development

Length of Course > 4 years

Clubs >
Team Bath
Team Bath Toucans

Occupation > Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Biography >
Asha has...

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Millie Grey

Millie GreySport/Event > Netball

Date and Place of Birth >
2 May 1992, Bristol, UK

Height > 169 cm

Weight > 62kg

Coached by >
Jess Garland, Denise Ellis and Emily Flavell

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
September 2010

Course of Study >
Coach Education and Sports Development

Length of Course >
3 years

Clubs >
Team Bath Toucans

Occupation >

Biography >
Millie started playing club netball when she was 11...

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