Billy Whittaker

01 August 2005

Billy WhittakerSport/Event >

Date and Place of Birth >
9 February 1994, Bristol, UK

Height > 182cm

Weight > 78kg

Coached by >
Sion Kitson

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
1 October 2012

Course of Study >
BA (hons) Sports and Social Science

Length of Course >
4 years (including placement)

Clubs >
Glastonbury Town Football Club
University of Bath Futsal Club

Occupation >
Student, Part-time football coach.


Biography >
Billy has mainly played football since he was 4/5, but only started playing Futsal when he started at the University of Bath and has not looked back since getting a scholarship.

His ambition is to become a full-time football coach and help develop Futsal in England.

Headline Result >
Billy’s first game as captain for Glastonbury u’18s and scoring two goals to make it 3-3 v Street U’18s.

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