Bath forced me out of comfort zone but is making me a better swimmer, says Johnson

27 April 2010

Paralympic champion Liz Johnson says moving to train at the University of Bath took her out of her comfort zone – making her a better swimmer.

Liz, who is coached at the University of Bath by Mark Skimming, says being surrounded by top athletes from a wide range of sports makes TeamBath an  inspirational training environment.

In an interview on the Inside World Parasport website, Liz says: “I train at the University of Bath, as part of Team Bath. My coach had never worked with anyone with my condition before and that’s actually helped my progress. Sometimes he’ll ask me to try something that might push me out of my comfort zone but that’s what is really helping my development.

“I’m always looking ahead to London 2012 and the way to make sure I compete, and medal, at the Paralympics will be to stay motivated throughout the whole build-up. Being at Bath really helps with this – I’m surrounded by top athletes, from rugby players to modern pentathletes,” she added.

“There’s a real sense of camaraderie and if someone is having a tough day at training the other athletes will help push them through. This training environment breeds a much better interaction between athletes from different sports and we can all use that to our benefit.”

Liz, who is a BT Ambassador says she is looking forward to her next competition, the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester.

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