Brendan Hackett

12 September 2010

Sport/Event >

Date and Place of Birth >
10 June 1993, Hereford, UK

Height > 175cm

Weight > 73kg

Coached by >
Lee Smith, Lee Collier and Andy Eisenstragger

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
September 2011

Course of Study >
Sports Performance

Length of Course >
2(+1) years

Clubs >
Team Bath
Hereford United Youth  Hereford Centre of Excellence
Herefordshire County
Cardiff Centre of Excellence

Occupation >

Biography >
Brendan played for local club(s) before joining Cardiff’s Church of England as a youngster; released so went back to local alongside playing for Hereford Church of England before joining Hereford United Youth team when he was about 15-16.

Along with the County, he played several reserve games for Hereford United.

Brendan is now with Team Bath and plays midfield, central or wide.

Headline Result >
Capped 14 times at county level.

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