Dr Andrei Vorontsov

01 December 2010

Swimming coach Dr Andrei VorontsovSport/Event > Swimming

Title >
Assistant Swimming Coach

Date and Place of Birth >
1952, Nerchinsk, USSR

Athletes Coached >
Janne-Schafer, Jaime King, Robin Francis, Alan Bircher, Stefani Biller, Elspeth Taylor, Stefano Razeto, Lorna Tonks (2003-2004), Stacey Tadd (2001-2006), David Bartlett, Simon Smith, Sia Wai Yen (Malaysia), Ernest Teo (Singapore), Sergei Korotaev, Irina Aksenova, Irina Anisimova, Irina Lysova, Sergei Pospelov, Svetlana Kurnikova, Natalia Pokas and many others (USSR)

Biography >
Education: 1969-1973 – State Central Institute of Physical Culture/ Russian State Academy of Physical Education. Specialized in a Theory and Methodics of Physical Education and Sport Training, “Diploma with Merit”. 1973-1976- Ph.D. Student of the Russian State Academy of Physical Education. Awarded by PhD degree in Sport Studies in 1977. Work experience 1976 – 1996 – member of the faculty of the Department of Sport Swimming of the Russian State Academy of Physical Education. In 1987 – elected as associate professor. During the period 1977-1992 prepared more than 120 professional swimming coaches and teachers. Conducted lectures and seminars:

  • Hydrodynamics and Biomechanics of Swimming
  • Strength Training in Swimming
  • Development of Endurance in Swimmers
  • Altitude Training
  • Periodisation and Planning of training in swimming
  • Multi-Year Preparation of Young Swimmers
  • Scientific Research in Swimming

Scientific Experience >
1974-1990 – member of science-research group of the National Swimming Team and Junior Swimming Team of USSR. 1981-1990 – member research group and starting with 1986 – Scientific Director of be-lateral research project USSR-DDR “Selection and Multi-Year Preparation of Young Athletes” (in charge for sport swimming). 1983-1992 – Project Manager of the Complex Research Group of the Moscow Olympic Center of Aquatic Sports. Wrote more than 100 articles, books, scientific reports, lectures, learning programs on swimming technique, strength and endurance training, periodisation of multi-year preparation of age group swimmers, released in USSR/Russia, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Finland, France and other countries.

Coaching Experience >
1974-1975 – Assistant swimming coach and fitness coach of the Central Sport Club of Soviet Army, Moscow. 1976 – swimming coach of the Russian State Academy of Physical Education.

1981-1992 – Head Coach of the Swimming Club of Russian State Academy of Physical Culture, member of the USSR Coaching Council for Sport Swimming.

As practical swimming coach prepared 7 National Champions, more than 30 medal winners at the national championships 1979-1992, more than 20 swimmers ranked among World Best 100 swimmers, participants of European and World Championships, World Cups, World University Games, Olympic Games.

1993-1995 – Head Swimming Coach of the National Sport Council of Malaysia for Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

1996-1998 – Director of Age Group Program and Head Coach of Aquatic Performance Swimming Club [Singapore]. Prepared champions and medal winners of South East Asia Junior Swimming Championships (1995), champions and medal winners of South East Asia Games (1997), participants of Pan Pacific (1997) and Commonwealth Games (1998).

1999-2005 – Swimming Coach/Sport Scientist of the Amateur Swimming federation of Great Britain. As a member of British Swimming Team took part in World Short Course Swimming Championships 1999, 2000, 2002 – Head Coach; European Short Course (1999 and 2004) and European Long Course (1999 and 2000) Championships, World Cups stages in 1999, 2000, European Youth Olympic Festival 2003, European Junior Championships 2004.

As a British coach took part in pre-Olympic training Camp in 2000, overseas National training camps in 2001-2002, overseas National Junior Team training camps 2004, 2005, National Event Camps (Breaststroke) in 2001, 2002 and 2004. As an expert and coach took part in Talent ID Screening Days and Regional Breaststroke Camps (2004-2005).

Contributor to British Long Term Athletic Development Programme (LTAD), 2001. 01 October – 04 December 2005 – Interim Swimming Coach of Bath University. Since 5 December 2005 – Assistant Swimming Coach.

Competitive Record >
Prepared European Short Course Champion in 50 m Breaststroke (Females) and MR 4×50 silver medal winner – Janne Schaefer (Germany), German Record in 4×50 MR; 1999-2003 – personal coach to Jaime King, multiple national record-holder and a champion in female 100 and 200 m breaststroke In 2001-2004 –I was nominated as one of National Breaststroke Coaches.

At the Commonwealth Games 2002 in Manchester was in charge for performance of breaststroke swimmers of Team England (Adam Whitehead, Darren Mew, Heidi Earp, Jamie King, and Kate Haywood).

Prepared: 7 British National Senior Records (Jamie King – 5 individual records in 100 and 200 m breaststroke plus 3 more records in Medley Relays; Robin Francis – 2 records in 200 m IM long course, 400 m IM short course), plus 3 British records in Medley Relays (Jamie King).

2 British National Junior records (Stacey Tadd 2003 – 200 m breaststroke long and short course), 6 British Age Group Records (Girls 15 years old: Lorna Tonks (2004) – 200 m IM long and short course, Stacey Tadd (2004) – 200 m breaststroke, girls 16 years old: Stacey Tadd (2005) – 200 IM and 400 IM), 2 British Best Times (unofficial British National records) in 5000 and 10000 m Open Water swimming (Alan Bircher). 2003-2005 – coach to Robin Francis: silver medal winner in 400 m IM at European Short Course Championships 2003, silver medal winner in 400 IM at World Short Course Championships 2004, 12th place at Olympic Games 2004 in 400 IM, 16th place in 200 IM.

2003-2005 – coach to Alan Bircher* – the best British Open Water swimmer: The first ever medal winner for Great Britain in 10000 m at the World Open Water Swimming Championships 2004 (silver), The first ever British medal winner in 5000 m at European Championships 2004 (silver); the winner of European Super Cup 2004, the winner of World Cup stage at Atlantic City 2004, the winner of a bronze medal in 1500 m freestyle at National Trials 2005, the winner of Open Water World Cup stage 2006 (London).

Coach to Stacey Tadd (2001-2006) – at the age of 16 years – British Champion in 200 m IM, silver medal winner in 400 IM, bronze medal winner in 20 m breaststroke (2005), the winner of 100 and 200 m breaststroke at European Olympic Youth festival 2003, the winner of two bronze medals (200 BR and 400 IM) at British Olympic Trials 2004, the Champion of Australian Open Junior Championships 2004 (200 BR).

Coach to Lorna Tonks (2003-2004) – the silver medal winner at British Nationals in 200 m IM, the winner of two bronze medals in relay swimming at European Junior Championships 2004, British junior record-holder in 200 IM.

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