Joseph Tellett

25 December 2010

Sport/Event >
Swimming, 50,100 Free

Date and Place of Birth >
1985, Southampton

Height > 6′3

Weight > 90Kg

Coached by >
Mark Skimming

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
30th September 2007

Course of Study >
Fine Art Sculpture

Length of Course >
3 years

Clubs >
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Combined Services
City of Southampton
Trafford Metro

Occupation >
Royal Marines Commando

Biography >
Swam to a National level up to the age of fifteen. At Sixteen joined the Royal Marines and travelled the world as a Soldier.

In 2006 he got back in the pool and has been swimming ever since with the Marines support.

Competitive Record >
Fastest Man in any of the Services, ever!

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