Bob Willingham

29 December 2010

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International Judo Federation (IJF) official photographer

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Currently a director of the British Institute of Professional Photographers, Bob Willingham was a member of the British judo squad from 1984 – 1988 and is a past All England Champion.

He became the Official photographer for the BJA in 1991 and as Editor, and photographer, single handedly launched The World of Judo Magazine as a quarterly publication for the BJA 3 years later.

In 1998 his position with the IJF was confirmed. In 1999 at the World Judo Congress he co-presented a paper entitled “Judo Presentation” which covered a large number of proposals to improve the public presentation of Judo. Many of the proposals have since been adopted as standard practice.  Bob has a vast library of judo photographs containing images from events all over the world. He has covered 3 Olympic Games (from Atlanta to Athens), every European and World Championships since 1990,  not to mention a substantial number of the annual Continental championships, the Paris tournament, the Kano Cup, the European and World team events, Junior World and European championships, international Masters events and of course many national and regional events within Great Britain.

His photographs have appeared in National and regional newspapers across the country and in a wide range of technical and recreational books about judo.

On the international judo scene his reputation is as one of the finest judo photographers in the world. His web site is visited by thousands of people every month.

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