Denise Johns

12 April 2011

Denise JohnsSport/Event >
Beach Volleyball (Team GB)

Date and Place of Birth >
1978, Ettlebruck, Luxembourg

Height > 6ft

Weight > 150 lbs

Coached by >
Jeff Alzina, Karolyn Kirby, Todd Mattox, Said Souikane

Occupation > Architect

Biography >
Started competing in beach volleyball at the age of 18.  Rowed for the University of Cincinnati for 5 years.  Moved to California at age 24 and qualified for the pro tour (AVP) the following year.  Began playing FIVB at age 26 for Great Britain.

Competitive Record >
42 AVP, 6 FIVB, and 22 various tournaments played.
Ranked 12th on the AVP after 2006.
1st place Weymouth Classic 2006, 4th place Argentina FIVB Challenger 2005,  2nd place Mexico 2005, and 1st place AVP Next Championships 2003.

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