Anastasia Christoforou

13 April 2011

Anastasia ChristoforouSport / Event >
Swimming, (100 m breaststroke, 50 m breaststroke)

Date and Place of Birth >
1990, Cyprus

Height > 172 cm

Weight > 52 kg

Coached by >
Mark Skimming

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
24 January 2011

Course of Study >
Sports Performance

Length of Course > 3 years

Clubs > Team Bath

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Being inspired by her cousin, Anastasia learnt to swim at aged seven.

A year later she started competing for a club in Cyprus at National competitions for children under the age of 10.

At the age of eight, she won the 25m breaststroke race and that is how my carrier started.

At the age of nine she was chosen by the head coach of her swimming club to enter his team and train with the older athletes.

At the age of 12 Anastastia entered the national team of Cyprus and since then she has represent her  country in international competitions.

Her most important participations where in world championships and European championships.

Anastastia’s dream, as a child, was to participate in the Olympics and that is my goal for 2012.

Headline Result >
Winning the 1st place at the Mediterranean games in 2009 and breaking the Mediterranean record in 50m breastroke.

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