Emily Hollis

16 April 2011

Sport/Event >
Badminton – Singles/Doubles & Mixed

Date and Place of Birth >
1992 , Bristol, UK

Height > 5ft 8

Weight > 9 stone

Coached by >
Pete Bush

Sponsors >
TASS, Lloyds TSB

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
September 2008

Course of Study > AASE

Length of Course > 2 years

Clubs >
Team Bath

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Emily has recently joined Team Bath alongside her study within the AASE program. She achieved international junior honours in 2007 and has this year achieved 3 Gold medals in the doubles events on the U18 circuit.

Greatest Achievement was selection for UK School Games. Emily’s favourite event is the Nationals.

Competitive Record >
U18 Nationals doubles winners
6th ICT
Junior Ranking = 5th Girls Doubles
Selected for England Juniors 2007
U18 – 3 Gold Medals (Girls Doubles)
U17 Notts Gold Medal (Girls Doubles)
U17 Wales Gold Medal (Girls Doubles)

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