Jonathan Robinson – Lead Applied Exercise Physiologist

28 April 2011

Jonathan RobinsonJonathan joined Team Bath in June 1997

Jonathan is Human Performance Laboratory Director for the applied physiology laboratories within the Department of Sports Development and Recreation at the University of Bath.  He has been based at the University for over 16 years in a number of roles associated with the delivery of applied sport and exercise science.

His current role focuses around the provision of exercise physiology and fitness testing services and facilities to a wide range of clients from grass routes to the elite athlete.

Jonathan has worked across a range of elite sports including bob –skeleton, swimming, modern pentathlon, athletics, netball, rhythmic gymnastics as well as professional football and rugby.

He has also been involved in Olympic preparation for many of these sports, especially bob skeleton and bobsleigh and he also designed delivered a wide range of testing on Paralympic athletes in the four year build up to London 2012.

Away from performance sport the laboratory has also delivered health and wellness programmes and packages to corporate businesses with the aim of improving the health, and thus productivity of the companies’ workforce.

The lab also delivers a wide ranging education programme for schools and colleges introducing them to the concepts and back ground of applied sport science support.

Physiological Testing can take many forms dependent upon the sport, the athlete, and the stage of the season. However the following examples of testing procedures are the most commonly used.

  • Assessment of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 Max).
  • Assessment of an athletes lactate profile.
  • Anaerobic power and capacity tests.
  • Sport specific speed, strength and power testing.
  • Isokinetic assessment of muscular status.
  • Body composition (percentage body fat) and anthropometric measurements.
  • Lung Function.

Jonathan has both a Bsc (hons) and an Msc in sport science (exercise physiology) and has been accredited for 10 years by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (B.A.S.E.S.) to deliver physiological support to athletes.

This accreditation ensures the quality of the sport science support service provided to clients across the British Isles.

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