Rainer Groh

28 April 2011

Sport/Event >
Athletics/Long Jump, Decathlon

Date and Place of Birth >
1989, Germany

Height > 191cm

Weight > 78 kg

Coached by >
Colin Bovell

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
23rd September 2007

Course of Study >
Mechanical Engineering

Length of Course >
4 years

Clubs >
Athletics, Golf

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Rainer was born and raised in Germany and went to an International School there for nine years. After completing British and American exams, decided to continue with an English education abroad. Rainer started Athletics five years ago but also competed in skiing, swimming, golf and tennis. From 2004 onwards Rainer decided to specialise in Athletics and has competed in various National Championships and represented the State Team since then.

Competitive Record >
1st  U18 State Championships Long Jump 2005
2nd U18 State Championships Decathlon 2005
4th U18 German Championships Decathlon Team 2005
12th German Rankings Decathlon 2005

2nd U18 State Championships Long Jump 2006
10th German Championships Decathlon 2006 (6745 points)
8th German Rankings Decathlon 2006

1st  State Championhips Long Jump 2007 (7.22 meters)
14th German Rankings Long Jump 2007

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