Power Plate, Vibration Technology

16 June 2011

Now available at the Sports Training Village Team Bath Gym.

Only £7.50 per 20 minute session with a personal trainer.

Available to members and non members.

Just book in at theTeam Bath Gym reception or contact us on 01225 383778 or
email Eloise Comer.

For a limited time only the Team Bath Gym has exclusive use of a top of the range Power plate.

Power Plate equipmentVibration Technology gives you the same benefits as a 1 hour work out in just 20 minutes and has a whole host of extra health benefits as well.

For just £7.50 per session a personal Trainer will take you through a whole body routine designed specifically for your needs.

See what a Power Plate can do for you!

Power Plate and MDD Scientific Support document [PDF]

Lose weight
Reduce cellulite
Improve core stability
Strengthen and tone
Improve flexibility and circulation
Improve bone density

Offer ends 8 July 2011

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