Student Cooking TV – Sports Nutrition

30 January 2012

Student Cooking TV has been on campus to interview Team Bath Sports Nutritionist, Renee McGregor, and find healthy, tasty and easy to cook meals with our student hockey team for some post match culinary delights.

The Sports Café at the Sports Training Village, University of Bath, has an important role to play to provide its customers with the best menus designed for sports people from all walks of life.

Team Bath Nutritionists have worked closely with the Accommodation & Hospitality Services chefs to create menus and provide nutritional information.

Food tasting sessions took place with a close community of sports people, coaches and staff and with your help we are now serving a delicious menu, sensitive to the nutritional needs of our customers.

QR code Sports NutritionInside the Sports Café there is a Nutritional Information Point that gives customers the opportunity to swot-up on what they should be eating during the day to get optimum health benefits.

You can access this information via mobile download to work out what’s best for breakfast, lunch or tea to match your sports training programme.

Stephen Baddeley, Director of Sport said, “I am delighted the Sports Café has set the challenge to meet the nutritional needs of our sports people and staff. Their willingness to act on the advice of the Team Bath nutritionists and clear feedback from the food tasting session shows true dedication. Congratulations.”

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