Amy Oram

30 September 2012

Amy OramSport/Event >

Date and Place of Birth >
1998, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK

Height > 142 cm

Coached by >
Jason Parsons

Date started the Talent Development Programme >
April 2013

School of Study>
Corsham Secondary School

Clubs >
Devizes Budo Club

Biography >
Amy started Judo at the age of six and started competing in 2007.

Her first major breakthrough was a bronze medal in the Welsh Junior Open in 2009.

Since then she has won local, National and International medals winning silver in the British Nationals in 20011, International Silver in Flanders Cup and Bronze in the Dutch Open.

2013 has proved to be a tremendously successful year with a plethora of winning results:

Bronze -44kg –  Midland Area Championships 2013
Bronze -44kg  –  North West Area Championships 2013
5th place  –  Ippon Trophy Belguim 2013
Bronze – 44kg  –  Venray International, Holland
Silver – u44kg  –  Kent International 2013
Gold -44kg  –  London Open 2013
Gold -44&-48kg  –  West of England Open 2013

Headline Result >
Gold Medalist 44kg London and West of England Open (and 48kg) 2013

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