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26 January 2013

Match Report: West Womens League Premier Division

Fixture: Team Bath Buccaneers v Exe 2nds

Date: Saturday  26 January 2013

Score:  1-1

Venue: Monkton Combe Senior School

After too long a spell without a stick in hand the Ladies 1’s were eager to get back into the swing of things, even having to leave the comfort of our home pitch to escape the snow we needed to play.

On our previous encounter Exe 2’s had made us work hard for a 1-0 win, today (Saturday 26 January) was a similar affair.

Buccs started with a good tempo and were looking to play a passing game making the ball do the work. With a couple of circle entries early on and some great long ball chances set up by Rosie Bennett and Emma White, Buccs just needed the rub of the green to go our way.

We worked some lovely passages of play down the right and had a some near misses at either post and a hard hitting lifted shot, saved by the Exe keeper too easily.

On a third change to the forward line-up and some great attacking work by Janet Gubbin Buccs were creating more chances in their D and finally it paid off.

With some lovely two touch play by Eli Vos and great movement off the ball we scored a text book goal seeing Bex Walker adding again to her goal tally with a superbly struck top D hit, 1-0 to Buccs.

Defensively Buccs had been strong and were allowing us to keep the ball the right side of the half way line. Rachel Findlay proving again to be stoic at the back with an emphatic display of strong tackles and commanding presence in defence. Backed up expertly by some fantastic saves from Kelz Bowden in the goal- looking like an outfield player running to chase the ball down a times and succesfully clearing the ball.

With some skillful attacking play by Exe, Buccs conceeded a penalty corner and unfortunately a goal as it deflected past Kelz and brought the scores level 1-1.

With the second half seemingly slipping away Buccs were unable to beat the flat sticked, experienced defence of Exe and salvaged one point from a shaky return to form after the big freeze.

Back to the drawing board and training pitch to re-focus for the next few tough matches ahead.

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