Students’ Union Sport Weekly Update 19

01 May 2013

Last week we, as the outgoing Sports Executive Committee took some of the incoming members of Exec on in an entirely surreal and upcoming sport in the Far East; Kinball.

From what we gathered it was a fast paced energetic game with not a lot of emphasis on skill (luckily for us), but on fitness and fun. Exactly how a sport should be.

Read what’s been happening…

SU Sport newsletter Issue 12 April 26 v2 page 1

SU Sport newsletter Issue 12 April 26 v2 page 2

Finally, If you play sport at club level or higher than your help is needed. Talented Athlete Support Coordinator Lynne Algar is looking to valid a questionnaire for future use in tracking and monitoring athlete support and skill competency.

Unlike many questionnaires, this one aims to assist a multitude of sports, abilities and age groups. The overall aim of her research is to investigate means of optimising talent development environments.

Take part: welcome to the Athlete Support and Skill Assessment Questionnaire


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Jon Gleave
Sport Officer

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