Zambia IDEALS Week Two Placement Diary

10 July 2013

Read the latest news from Zambia. Week two reports from 7 June – 13 June 2013 and has insights from the whole group regarding their placement within schools and communities in Zambia.

Look out for Josh Skinner (1st Year SaSS) & Kate McGinley (3rd year SaSS) who are representing the University of Bath.

International Development through Excellence and Leadership in Sport (IDEALS) is a UK Sport programme, delivered in partnership with University of Bath.

Zambia Ideals LogoIn the last week the students have been settling into their placements, working closely with peer leaders and their sports teams.

Inevitably there have been some minor issues to iron out but the group have been incredibly patient and now they all have a weekly timetable and know exactly how to get to where they need to be.

The weekend saw a team outing to watch Zambia beat Lesotho in their World Cup Qualifier, followed by welcoming fun and games hosted by the team leaders to encourage placement partner cohesion.

On Sunday a relaxed day was finished with a trip to Arcades Traditional Market. After what had been a busy first week the team had started to appreciate the need to relax when free weekend time was available.

Today (7 June 2013) marks the visit of Liz Nicholls and Rob Morini. The students are excited to meet them personally and share their enthusiasm for the project.

Read the individual reflections on their experiences so far:

2013 G1 WEEK 2 DIARY Zambia IDEALS Project [PDF]

2013 Zambia IDEALS group members:

  • Josh Skinner
  • Giulia Melchiorre
  • Stephanie Staples
  • Callum Murray
  • Kayleigh MacGillivray
  • Rebecca Napier
  • Joe Dale (Team Leader)
  • Kate McGinley
  • Ashlea Smith (Team Leader)
  • Sarah Stephenson (Staff Member)
  • Daniel Caw
  • Hannah Marshall

Location where activities took place:

  • SIA Office
  • Edusport Office
  • Chipata
  • Fountain of Hope
  • Kalingalinga
  • Ngombe

Background information

The Department of Sports Development & Recreation is an active participant in a Sports Leadership Project which takes place in Zambia each year.

Students who are selected to participate work in a sports development and coaching capacity in the heart of local communities in the Zambian capital of Lusaka.

International Development Through Excellence and Leadership in Sport or IDEALS is a UK Sport initiative which aims to establish a high quality, progressive and co-ordinated sports leadership development exchange programme for young people aged 20-35 between the  UK and partner countries.

In 2012 the Wallace Group (Universities of Bath, Cardiff Met, Durham, Loughborough, Nothumbria, St Andrews and Stirling) sent over 40 students and eight staff members on professionals placements working with two Non Government Organisations based in Lusaka, Zambia, Sport in Action and Edusport as part of the IDEALS programme.

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