Bath Half Marathon Blog

14 February 2014

This year’s Bath Half Marathon is nearly upon us and one runner, Caroline from Combe Down, talks us through her preparation in a series of blogs.

Here she takes us through her first experience of a sports massage…

“Let’s be clear. I am a “fun” runner.  I do it to keep fit and keep the weight down. It keeps my dog happy, too. He loves all the woodland runs around Combe Down.

I generally like to run for 30 minutes, not much more. So, why oh why, did I agree to run the Bath Half?  I guess it was that smooth-talking younger brother who said we ought to give it a go before we draw our pensions.

Yes, I am not in the first bloom of youth but already into my second half-century.

Diligently, and in a thoroughly amateur way, I have been building up the mileage since just before Christmas and trying to dodge any injuries.

Just when the going was getting particularly tough, I noticed that Team Bath was offering a “Bath Half Survival Package”.  Perfect timing, I thought, and I am giving it a go.

First up, a visit for a sports massage.  I’ve never had a massage let alone a sports massage, so didn’t know what to expect.  The big paratrooper who went in before me, came out saying “ooh, that hurt”. So I was doubly apprehensive by now.

After weeks of having stiff legs, all I can say is that this is a pretty fantastic experience and two days afterwards I hit 10.5 miles in training for the first time.

Tamsin was professional, analytical and made sure that she concentrated her 40-minutes of effort where it was needed.  Apparently, one of these a month, can make significant differences to anyone exercising regularly.  I am converted. I fully believe it. And, at £30 a go, it’s not going to break the bank.

Next instalment, something called a Vo2 max test.  This is done in a lab environment and I’m curious now to see what help this can give, too.”

If you’re taking part in the Bath Half, make sure you prepare properly.

Contact our team at the Human Performance Centre and find out what they can do for you.

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