Leanda Cave

06 March 2014

Sport/Event > Triathlon

Date and Place of Birth >
1978, Louth, England

Height > 178cm (5’11”)

Weight > 58 kg

Biography >
Leanda has spent 7 years as an elite triathlete but has been competing since 1994.

Her aspirations are to win an Olympic medal, win Hawaii and win another ITU World Championship.

Competitive Record >
2nd Redcliffe Aquathlon, Brisbane, QLD,Australia
4th City of Perth Triathlon, WA, Australia
21st ITU World Cup Australia
5th 70.3 California, USA

13th   Commonwealth Games, Melbourne
1st     Australian Triathlon Championships, St.Kilda, OD
3rd     St.Anthony’s Triathlon, Florida
2nd    Florida Half Ironman 70.3
2nd    Eagleman Half Ironman 70.3
1st     Philadelphia Triathlon, OD
14th   Edmonton ITU World Cup, Canada
34th   Lifetime Fitness, USA
1st     Boulder Peak, USA
6th     London Triathlon, UK
3th     Hungary ITU World Cup
5th     Chicago Triathlon
Bijing ITU World Cup
2nd    Scott Tinley’s Adventures, California, USA
12th   Cancun, Mexico, ITU World Cup
4th     70.3 World Championships, Clearwater, USA
2nd    Phuket Triathlon

1st     European Cup Finale, Eilat, Israel
1st     Treasure Island, San Francicso, USA
4th     ITU World Cup, Salford, England
2nd    The London Triathlon
5th     (Women) Life Time Fitness, USA
3rd     British Championships
2nd    St.Croix Halfironman 70.3, US-Virgine Island
8th     Ralph’s Halfironman California

1st    ITU World Cup Korea
3rd    British Championships
5th    ITU World Cup, Salford, England
7th    ITU World Cup, Hungary
4th    (Women) Life Time Fitness, USA
19th  ITU World Championships, Madeira, Portugal

2nd   British Championships, Swansea
7th   ITU World Cup, Salford, England

1st    ITU World Championships, Cancun, Mexico
2nd   European Championships,Hungary
2nd   The Commonwealth Games, Salford, England
5th    ITU World Cup, Lausanne, Switzerland
6th    ITU World Cup, Nice, France

OD= Olympic Distance (1.5-40-10)
Half Ironman Distance (2.0-90-21.1)

Profile sourced from www.leandacave.com

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