Match Report: West Women’s League Premier Division

01 April 2014

Fixture: Lydney v Team Bath Buccaneers
Date and time: Saturday 29 March 2014
Score: 1-3
Venue: Whitecross Leisure Centre, Lydney

Team Bath Buccaneers started the match with an incredible pace, securing a penalty corner within the first 60 seconds and converting it – Lizzie Cox scoring the goal with her trade mark left sweep.

The pace of the game continued at high intensity as did the oppositions temper, which was brought into line by a strong umpire issuing 2 yellow cards to Lydney players for blatant stick tackles.

The inter-connecting play from Team Bath Buccaneers was breathtaking at times and showed great promise, however the space created also gave Lydney some great opportunities to counter attack with some critical one on one saves by goal-keeper Kelly Bowden.

The 2nd half started shakily, with a soft goal being scored by Lyndey in the first 2 minutes bringing the score line to 1-1.

This did not deter Buccaneers who dug deep to continue a relentless stream of circle entry attacks, and penalty corners. Eventually Team Bath Buccaneers were rewarded by a well worked cross from Lucy Mcnault from the right hand side of the circle, deflected by Vikki Sage, and finally slapped in by Helen Earle.

Again there was pressure from Lydney in their counter attacks, but Buccs turned this around again and again – always focusing on the attack – and with a great lead run, Vikki Sage received the ball at the top of the circle and clinically delivered a straight strike (gaining team Man of the Match vote).

With the score now at 3-1, Team Bath Buccaneers simply had do to see the last 8 minutes out, however Lyndey found a last-ditch sense of urgency and with their relentless attack Buccaneers made some errors, leading to 2 yellow cards being issued in the dying minutes.

However even under this pressure Team Bath Buccaneers held it together and the score remained 3-1. A great attacking game on a lovely sunny day, securing a second-place finish in the West Women’s League Premier Division 1 this season.

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