Sports Training Village to host 12-hour cyclathon in support of CRPS UK

31 October 2015

A 12-hour cyclathon is taking place at the University of Bath on Monday to raise money for CRPS UK, a non-profit organisation that supports sufferers of complex regional pain syndrome.

Organiser Amanda Nelson, who will cycle using only her right leg, is joined in the challenge by hand cyclists Kirk Hughes and Hannah Moore. They will be supported by Nichola Cunningham and 13-year-old Lewis Perham, who will ride the hand cycles during comfort and food breaks.

All five participants are lower-limb sufferers of CRPS, a chronic pain disorder that is characterised by severe unrelenting pain, swelling, temperature changes and movement dysfunction.

“This will be my third annual cycle challenge and I am absolutely delighted to be joined this year by four other CRPS sufferers,” said Amanda.

“While we are all seasoned cyclists, none of us have ever undertaken a ride of this nature before.

“CRPS is a neurological disorder that develops from a minor injury, something as simple as a sprain, and there is no cure.”

The cyclathon will take place in the Sports Training Village from 8am to 8pm and will be launched by the Mayor of Bath, Councillor Will Sandry, and Withy King patron Louise Hart, a CRPS UK patron.

All money raised will help sufferers of CRPS with the cost of traveling to and from the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, ensuring they are able to attend vital appointments.

For more information about the cyclathon or to make a donation, visit

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