University of Bath to host major Sports Performance Conference in 2016

11 November 2015

Athletes, coaches, researchers and students will convene at the University of Bath for a major Sports Performance Conference just announced for January 2016.

The event – organised by individuals involved in the highly-successful Sports Performance course based within the Department for Health – will consider how physiology, nutrition, coaching education, psychology and talent spotting all go together to impact on individual and team performance across a range of sports.

Among the keynote speakers will be Professor Romain Meeusen, head of the Department of Human Physiology from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels – he will talk about the risks of over-training as well as the cognitive aspects of performance.

Attendees will also hear from Morph Bowes, a high-performance coach at the Sports Training Village from 2003-2009 and now Head Coach of the Dutch women’s beach volleyball team.

And Sports Nutritionist Renee McGregor, based in the Team Bath Physio & Sport Science Centre, will also be among the speakers at the conference on Friday, January 22.

“This event will be a particularly useful forum to share latest findings, discuss common problems and practical applications of the science,” she said.

Project lead for the conference is Eva Piatrikova, a Sports Performance graduate who currently works as facilities sales and development administrator for Team Bath.

She said: “This is going to be a very unique event that will make people think and realise how complex sports performance is.

“I feel very privileged that the Teaching Development Fund and the Department for Health have supported our idea and trusted the Sports Performance course to deliver this outstanding event for students, athletes, sports scientists and practitioners. I cannot wait for the conference day and to meet people that share the passion for sport performance research and practice as I do.”

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