Chance to develop personal training skills with new Gym Mentorship Programme at Team Bath Gym

04 January 2016

A new Gym Mentorship Programme designed to help people get into the competitive health and fitness industry has been launched at the University of Bath Sports Training Village.

The collaboration between Team Bath Training & Development and Team Bath Gym will allow aspiring Personal Trainers who have qualified through the Training & Development Team to develop their theoretical and practical skills in a world-class environment, as well as build up a client base.

During the programme, which will typically last a month, mentees will gain first-hand experience of the duties undertaken by Fitness Staff, including inductions, writing bespoke fitness programmes, helping gym users with technique and building relationships with customers.

The mentors will be permanent members of the gym team, who will aid the mentee’s progress as part of a structured programme of support.

Programmes Manager Sarah McMillan added that “The Health & Fitness Industry is very competitive and research suggests that Personal Trainers display an inadequately in the ‘soft skills’ required to be successful in the industry.

“The Mentorship Programme allows access to a busy gym environment with numerous opportunities to communicate with a diverse range of gym users, gain confidence and build these ‘soft skills’ before seeking employment or working as a self-employed Personal Trainer”.

Upon completion and following a formal review with the Team Bath Gym manager, the Mentorship Programme could be extended up to a maximum of three months.

There is also a potential opportunity for mentees to enter into a Personal Trainer agreement and operate from the Team Bath Gym in a professional capacity, while written references can also be provided aiding our learners to gain employment in the industry.

The Gym Mentorship Programme is open to graduates of the Team Bath Training & Development Diploma in Personal Training and candidates are expected to deliver a minimum of nine hours per week within the Team Bath Gym.

For more information, contact Gym Mentorship Programme Manager Sarah McMillan at

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