Team Bath pop-up gym timetable

09 August 2016

As members may already know, this summer the Team Bath Gym will undergo a major refurbishment during which a number of new improvements and upgrades will be made.

The works are intended to significantly enhance the experience of all our customer groups and will feature the most advanced fitness technology throughout. More information about the upgrades can be found here.

While the work takes place, a pop-up gym will be erected in the STV Sports Hall featuring a cross-section of equipment from the current gym.

The refurbishment is scheduled to take place over a 25 day period, and access to the pop-up gym will be listed on this page.

Pop-up gym timetable

Day Date Month Open Closed
Wed 10th August CLOSED CLOSED
Thu 11th August 06.30 22.00
Fri 12th August 06.30 22.00
Sat 13th August 09.00 17.00
Sun 14th August 09.00 17.00
Mon 15th August 06.30  22.00
Tue 16th August 06.30  22.00
Wed 17th August 06.30 22.00
Thu 18th August CLOSED CLOSED
Fri 19th August 06.30 22.00
Sat 20th August 09.00 17.00
Sun 21st August 09.00 17.00
Mon 22nd August 06.30 22.00
Tue 23rd August 06.30 22.00
Wed 24th August 06.30 22.00
Thu 25th August 06.30 22.00
Fri 26th August 06.30 22.00
Sat 27th August 09.00 17.00
Sun 28th August 09.00 17.00
Mon 29th August 09.00 16.00
Tue 30th August 09.00 16.00
Wed 31st August Session 1:
Session 2:
Thu 1st September CLOSED CLOSED
Fri 2nd September CLOSED CLOSED
Sat 3rd September CLOSED CLOSED
Sun 4th September CLOSED CLOSED
Mon 5th September NEW GYM OPEN – 12pm

For more information about obtaining a Team Bath Gym membership, visit our membership pages.

For further details about the refurbishment taking place, or for options of freezing your membership during the refurbishment period, contact our memberships team on

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