Over-50s encouraged to sign up for first-ever National Vintage Games at University of Bath

24 July 2017

The inaugural National Vintage Games, the UK’s first competitive and recreational sports event for the over-50s, is coming to the University of Bath – and people are being encouraged to sign up and get active.

All abilities and fitness levels are welcome to compete in a host of events at the £30million Sports Training Village including track and field athletics, swimming, running and walking football, tennis, wheelchair tennis and badminton.

There will also be Zumba, pilates and spin cycling exercise classes throughout the day, with all activities taking place in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

A proportion of the money raised through the Games – taking place from 9am-6pm on Saturday, September 2 – will be donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK, The Genesis Trust and Shelter, all organisations whose concerns touch the over-50s population.

The Games have been founded by Patrick Ismond, who wants to encourage more people over 50 to get involved in sport, keep fit and make new friends.

“I have realised that as we age, engaging in sporting activity can seem more daunting and intimidating,” he said. “I’m therefore hoping that people will feel motivated to take part in The National Vintage Games regardless of ability or experience, in a safe, supportive and friendly environment.

“I’m part of the over-50s demographic myself and have always enjoyed sport and exercise. When I was in my 20s, the prospect of exercise seemed remote due to the sudden onset of arthritis. Rehabilitation was slow and painful but sport really helped to lift me mentally and aided my recovery.

“I also have a work background in the NHS and that, combined with my love of sport, has reinforced for me the ways in which sport can deal with social isolation and mental health problems. Hence, the Games is seeking to raise much-needed funds for charities such as The Genesis Trust and Alzheimer’s Research UK.”

To sign up for the National Vintage Games or for more information about the event, visit www.nationalvintagegames.com. The closing date for entries is August 12, 2017.

Volunteers are also being sought to act as stewards on the day, anyone with first-aid training being particularly welcome. Email Enquiries@nationalvintagegames.com for further details.

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