Customer notice: Changing room and shower closures on January 3rd and 4th 2018

09 December 2017

The thermostatic mixing valves that regulate the water temperature of showers in the University of Bath Sports Training Village are having their annual service on January 3-4 2018.

Most of them are easily accessible but customers should please be aware that some of the showers and changing rooms will be briefly closed while work is being carried out.

On Wednesday, January 3, the showers in the women’s dryside changing room (by the gym) will be off first thing in the morning, as will one half of the showers in the wetside changing room (by the swimming pool).

This will result in the women’s dryside changing room being closed during the works and all female gym users will be relocated to alternative changing rooms.

The other half of the wetside changing room showers will be closed first thing on Thursday, January 4.

The wetside changing rooms will remain open for the duration with only one shared male/female shower area available for use.

We will endeavour to keep any disruption to a minimum and apologise for any inconvenience while this work is being carried out.
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