Balance For Work – A new fitness class

07 January 2018

Starting from Thursday 18th January, a free new fitness class, exclusive to staff members at the University of Bath, will be launched.

‘Balance For Work’ will aim to re-engage staff with a healthy and physically active lifestyle and to eliminate the health problems that can come with working at a desk for prolonged periods of time.

The classes will be held in the Founders Hall Teaching room every Thursday from 12:30 – 1 pm. Sports kit is not required and the classes will be completely free of charge!


Personal trainer and massage therapist Richard Turner encourages you to M.O.V.E. I.T!


Use it or lose it! People with sedentary lifestyles can lose mobility and strength, and risk injury. Stretch daily in different directions, gently stretching any areas of tightness.


Being body aware helps prevent injury. Stop for a minute. Stand, close your eyes, breathe deeply. Start at your head and work down. Notice your posture – adjust if necessary. Relax your jaw, adjust your neck and shoulders. Breathe into your chest not your tummy, tuck your tail bone under, adjust your hips. Check knees, ankles, feet, and bring them into alignment.


How do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve? Set goals and use visual cues for motivation. Perhaps take photos of yourself, take measurements (e.g. weight, waist measurement). Picture how you would like to be, and set yourself small achievable goals. Look at your food and begin some healthy changes.


Start with a little bit of exercise often. A 30-minute pulse raiser is enough to begin changing your health. As your body adapts and strengthens you can gradually do more. Find something you enjoy! This is the only way you will stick with it and see results. For encouragement, rope in a friend and book time each week.


Once you have a routine, try getting out of your comfort zone. It may be harder work and you might ache afterwards, but that shows your body is adapting. Try adding weights, or moving faster for short periods. You will get a sweat on, but that’s the secret to success.


Keep focused and keep working towards your goals. Everyone feels discouraged at some point – it’s how you deal with any hiccups that matters. Don’t worry! If things are getting a bit tough, take time to reflect and perhaps re-assess your goals. Mix things up. Try something new. You’ll get there!

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