Team Bath sponsor first to sign up to charity fitness challenge

20 February 2020

Organisers, participants and local businesses joined forces at the recent, official launch of new charity fitness initiative, Fit4Bath, with Fulkers Bailey Russell heading the charge to sign up for the event.

Motivated by an increasing awareness that our children are spending more time in front of screens and less time playing outside, Fit4Bath founder – local businessman and sports enthusiast Nick Parry – wanted to find some way to make a difference.

“How could we get kids to fall in love with sports again? And so the Fit4Bath Children’s Programme was born. Employers know that it makes good commercial sense to look after the wellbeing of their people. What if we got local businesses to take part in a sporting event that gave their people the opportunity to get fit, have fun and raise money for the Fit4Bath Children’s Programme?”

The Fit4Bath Challenge aims to do just that – as an indoor mini-triathlon, with teams of three participants training to compete against one another to see who can travel the further distance in ten minutes on a rowing, running and cycling machine. Each team would pay an entry fee.

Nick is also a trustee of the Parry Family Charitable Foundation (PFCF) and asked for their support by matching the entry fees with all funds raised going to the Fit4Bath Children’s Programme. David Parry, a PCFC trustee, said:

“When the Fit4Bath Challenge and Children’s Programme was put to us, it didn’t take long to say yes. Getting kids involved in sporting activity is incredibly important to us. We’re hoping Fit4Bath will ‘light a fire’ both for the people of the businesses involved, but also crucially for the local kids.”

Fit4Bath have partnered with Team Bath at the University of Bath. Sam Holmes, Health & Fitness Manager at Team Bath said:  “I was immediately sold on the concept of the Fit4Bath Challenge. Thanks to the expansion of the gym facilities at the Sports Training Village last year, we’ve got the best equipment and people not only to make the event itself a success but also to support the teams who enter with their training.

“When you sign up a Team Bath personal trainer will be assigned to your team and after an initial meeting individual training plans will be developed for team members to set them on the path to victory.

“What matters most to me is helping people connect with sports and develop a real life-long commitment to their personal fitness. There’s a sport or activity out there for everybody, it’s just a question of finding the one that works for you.”

Team Bath are also involved in delivery within the Fit4Bath Children’s Programme. Team Bath Children’s Sports Development Officer Jess Clements said:

“This is a brilliant opportunity to develop and deliver a 12-month programme of children’s sporting events, both through outreach to schools in the local area and by running free events such as the Fit4Bath Festivals for kids, getting them and their parents up to campus, energising everyone involved to find the right activity for them.”

Sporting Family Change (SFC), a local charity which supports children and families through sporting activity is also a partner in delivering the Fit4Bath Children’s Programme. Jilly Edwards of SFC said:

“It will give us more opportunities to work with people in the community, particularly those that haven’t had the same opportunities as others”.

The Fit4Bath Challenge takes place on Sunday 29th March 2020.

To find out more or to sign up your team of three to participate in the Challenge, simply fill out a Booking Form here and send it to Rebecca Megson-Smith

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