Mental Health Awareness Week: Top tips and techniques to help support your wellbeing

18 May 2020

Practising good mental health is vitally important, no more so than during these challenging times, so we have teamed up with Reason To Be to provide a toolkit of simple, basic techniques that you can use to support your wellbeing.

These top tips and techniques can be put into practice straight away to help you feel better and deal with any challenges coming your way.

In a series of informative videos, occupational psychologists Aurea Fellows and Keith Goddard of Reason To Be look at the five pillars of wellbeing – emotional, nutritional, mental, social and physical – and how you can practice self care.

1. Introduction

2. Breathing techniques

3. Nutritional wellbeing

More videos are being added every Wednesday to our YouTube channel – click here to see more.

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