Have a look around the Team Bath Sports Training Village from your own home with newly-updated virtual University campus tour

15 December 2020

If you are considering applying to study at the University of Bath or becoming a Team Bath member in the new year, you can take a look around our £35million Sports Training Village facilities from the comfort of your own home with the newly-updated virtual campus tour.

All three floors of the Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre, plus the two exercise studios, can be explored on the 360-degree tour along with the sports hall, swimming pool, judo dojo, fencing salle, shooting range, hydrotherapy pool and changing rooms.

Our athletics facilities and tennis courts – both of which are available indoor and outdoor – can also be viewed, along with the football, hockey, rugby and training pitches, and the beach volleyball courts.

To view the tour, either click here to open it in a new window or navigate in the window below. Click and drag to look around or click on the flashing chevrons to move forwards and backwards. To move to a different part of the building, such as the swimming pool or hockey pitches, click on the three lines in the top-left corner to open the drop-down menu, then select ‘Sports Training Village’ and either indoor or outdoor to see the extensive list of options.

Find out more about our sporting facilities, open to the public and home to elite athletes alike, by clicking here.

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