Enjoy some holiday home workouts with our fun but rewarding Christmas-themed Festive Fitness challenges

21 December 2020

Our in-studio exercise classes are taking a break over the Christmas period but we have some fun Festive Fitness challenges to keep you active over the holidays.

Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre manager Sam Holmes has created three Christmas-themed home workouts which will be shared on the TeamBathTV YouTube channel to help you work off the turkey, chocolate and mince pies.

Here are the challenges and the dates they will be released – give them a go by clicking on the images and check out our archive of exercise classes and home workouts by clicking here.

12 Exercises of Christmas (available from December 22nd)

This short, intense workout is fun, challenging and rewarding with no equipment required – 12 high-intensity exercises to try to your own fitness level, with reps descending from 12 to one and back up again.

Boxing Day Circuits (available from December 26th)

This 25-minute class blends circuits with some basic boxing fitness drills to provide a fun yet challenging workout, helping you burn off the Christmas Day calories!

Christmas Dumb-bells (available from December 29th)

A low-impact home workout which will still raise your heart rate and target a range of muscles – don’t worry if you don’t have dumbbells to hand, tins of soup can also be used. Although this is a beginners’ session, you can increase the intensity by using heavier weight or moving faster.

In-studio exercise classes are scheduled to resume in the week commencing January 4th 2021 – click here for further details. 

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