Alison Marr

Sport/Event >
Badminton- Singles/Doubles and Mixed

Date and Place of Birth >
1989, Paisley, Scotland

Height > 182cm

Weight > 71kg

Coached by > Pete Bush

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
24th September 2007

Course of Study > Physics

Length of Course > 4 yrs

Clubs >
University of Bath

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Alison joined Team Bath having been a Scottish Junior International and since being in Bath has been competing in the Senior Domestic...

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Heather Olver


Event: Women’s & mixed doubles

Date and Place of Birth: 1986, Eastbourne, Sussex

Coached by: Pete Bush

Course of Study: Degree in Coach Education and Sports Development at the University of Bath

Occupation: Athlete

Teams: Sussex

Heather combined badminton training with coach Pete Bush with studying for a degree in Coach Education and Sports Development at the University of Bath.

She won a bronze medal...

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Vikki Primmer

Vikki PrimmerSport/Event >

Date and Place of Birth >
15 February 1992, Reading, UK

Height > 157 cm

Coached by >
Pete Bush

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
27 September 2010

Course of Study >
Coach education

Length of Course >
4 years

Clubs >
University of Bath Badminton

Occupation >

Biography >
During her time here, Vikki competed in national and international level tournaments, reaching...

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Nathan Rice

Sport/Event > Badminton – singles

Date  of  Place of Birth >
1983, Milton Keynes

Coached by > Peter Bush

Occupation > Full-time player

Biography >
Nathan has established himself as one of England’s top men’s singles players. He took up the sport aged seven and won 10 national junior titles at under-12 to under-19 levels.

Transferred to train at the University of Bath’s High Performance Badminton...

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Aidan Gibbons

Sport/Event > Badminton – Team Bath Futures

Date and Place of Birth > 1997, London, UK

Coached by > Anthony Bush

Date Arrived at Team Bath > September 2006

Clubs > Avon (junior).

Occupation > Schoolboy

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