Charlotte Farbon

Sport/Event > Judo

Weight > u 48kg

Dan Grade Level >
1st Dan

Age Group > Senior / U23

Judo Level >
Squad Member

Date and Place of Birth >
1987, Ascot, England

Coached by >
Juergen Klinger

Date Arrived at Team Bath > 2006

Home Club >
Pinewood Judo Club

Course of Study >
Sports Performance Degree

Biography >
Sports Performance student at the University of Bath.

Competitive Record...

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Finn Gleeson - Recreational Coach

Title >
School Programme Director

Date and Place of Birth >
1965, London, England

Dan Grade Level >
3rd Dan

Biography >
Finn Gleeson is the co-ordinator of the School’s Programme and is a fully qualified school teacher, formerly employed in a London borough as Head of Art responsible for GCSE Art. With nearly twenty years...

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Gemma Gibbons

Gemma GibbonsSport/Event: Judo

Weight: u78kg

Dan Grade Level: 1st Dan

Age Group: Senior and U23

Date and Place of Birth: 1987, London, England

Date arrived at Team Bath: 2006

Course of Study: Sports Performance

Home Club: Metro

University of Bath graduate Gemma Gibbons produced an outstanding performance to win Britain’s first Olympic medal since Sydney 2000 at the London 2012 Games.

Gibbons lost to Kayla Harrison of the USA in...

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Janine Johnson

Janine JohnsonSport/Event > Judo

Weight > u 57kg

Dan Grade Level > 1st Dan

Age Group > Senior

Judo Level >
Senior National Team 2005-2006

Date and Place of Birth >
1985, Watford, England

Coached by >
Juergen Klinger

Date Arrived at Team Bath > 2004

Course of Study >
HND Coach Education and Sport Performance

Length of Course >
2 years

Home Club >
St Michael’s Judo Club

Occupation > Student

Biography >

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Stephen Hammond

Title >
Judo Development Officer

Date and Place of Birth >
1960 Preston

Biography >
Steve is a 1st Dan and heads up the TeamBath Tribe Junior Judo programme. He is a former Great Britain Coach for Special Olympics, and a former Western Area Sports Development Officer for Judo.

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Judo at Team Bath
Judo at Team Bath

The inspirational setting of our martial arts dojo at the Sports Training Village is the hub of Team Bath’s judo activities.

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Judo - Dylan Cave
News and features

Catch up on all the latest judo news, features, events and reports here.

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Sports Association
University judo club

The University of Bath Judo club is one of the most pioneering and inclusive clubs on campus. There are three full time coaches to work with all levels of player.

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