Billy Pritchard

Sport/Event: Netball

Positions: Goal Defence, Goal Keeper

Date and Place of Birth: 1978, Wrexham

Coached by: Jess Thirlby


Billy captained the Team Bath teams that won the 2004 Super Cup and also the first two years of the Superleague in 2006 and 2007.

She was a member of Team Bath’s coaching team in 2013 before returning to action as a player for the...

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Lois Rideout

Sport/Event >
Netball Talent League

Date and Place of Birth >
1991 Bournemouth, UK

Height > 1.82m

Coached by >
Jean Davies

Occupation/School/College Student >
Millfield School

Course of Study >
A level- PE, Drama, Psychology, Media

Clubs >
Team Bath

Representative Honours and Competitive Record >
England U17 long squad
(Talent 1) Extension Centre

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Emily Rose

Emily RoseSport / Event >

Date and Place of Birth >
1986 Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Height > 180cm

Weight > 70kg

Coached by >
Jess Garland, Denise Ellis, Emily Perry

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
September 2005

Course of Study >
Masters in Pharmacy

Length of Course >
4 years

Clubs >
Team Bath Toucans
Previous club: Just Ahead Netball Club

Occupation >

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Natalie Seaton

Sport/Event >
Netball, Position: Wing Defence, Goal Defence, Centre

Date and Place of Birth >
1982, London, UK

Height > 1.78m

Coached by >
Jan Crabtree and Lyn Gunson

Biography >
Natalie was a member of the England Squads at the Netball Europe U19 and Open competitions in 2000 and 2003 respectively. Natalie played for TeamBath in the SuperCup in 2003 and 2004...

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Alexandra Sinclair

Sport/Event >
Netball, position: Goal Keeper, Goal Defence

Date and Place of Birth >
1991, Christchurch, UK

Height > 1.84m

Coached by >
Jess Garland and Jan Crabtree

Clubs > Team Bath

Occupation > Student

Biography >
Netball has given her the opportunity to aim for a standard and a chance to compare her play with that of the senior international players.

Alex aspires to play in the World Youth Championships 2009 and England...

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