Zara Dampney

Sport/Event >
Beach Volleyball (Team GB)

Date and Place of Birth >
1986, Poole, UK

Height > 178cm

Weight > 65kg

Coached by > Morph Bowes

Date Arrived at Team Bath > June 2007

Course of Study >
PG Dip Taught International Development (2009)

Occupation > Athlete

Biography >
Zara began playing indoor volleyball for clubs and part of the national team.  She went to university in Sheffield where she completed her degree and played volleyball for Loughborough club. ...

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Ian Loke

Title >
Assistant Volleyball Coach

Date and Place of Birth >
1960; Weymouth, England

Athletes Coached >
2001-2004 Weymouth Ladies Volleyball squad (National League Div 3)
2004-2006 Wessex Women’s VC (National League Div 1)
2007- Wessex TeamBath Volleyball (National League Div 1) Assistant Coach

Biography >
Level 2 EVA qualified coach

Ex National League Division 1 standard player. Representative honor’s – British Civil...

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Jody Gooding

Jody GoodingSport/Event >
Beach Volleyball (Team GB)

Date of Birth > 1981

Biography >
Jody has been playing beach volleyball for the last 10 years. This season is the first time he has manged to train full time with the help of UK Sport.

Jody has teamed up with Steve Grotowski and they have played their first event at this years Swatch...

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Steve Grotowski

Steve GrotowskiSport/Event >
Beach Volleyball (Team GB)

Date and Place of Birth >
1982, London, UK

Height > 198cm

Weight > 92kg

Coached by >
Matt Grinlaubs

Date Arrived at Team Bath >
May 2007

Occupation >
Sports person

Biography >
Steve grew up a few minutes from Wimbledon and had aspirations of playing in the final on the Stadium court. He still has dreams of playing in the finals on Sunday but the arena...

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Phoebe Jeffery

Phoebe Jeffery (England U18)Sport/Event >
Indoor Volleyball (England U18)

Clubs >
Wessex Team Bath

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Beach Volleyball Practice - University of Bath
Volleyball at Team Bath

Team Bath hosts both the indoor and outdoor beach variants of the game. Our facilities include two outdoor beach volleyball courts, which have been used by GB athletes in preparation for the international circuit.

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Beach volleyball facilities at Team Bath
News and features

Catch up on all the latest volleyball news, features, events and reports here.

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Sports Association
University volleyball club

The University of Bath volleyball club is a very sociable club with two competitive BUCS teams as well as recreational teams; all with excellent coaching, so that everyone can enjoy the game at their own level of skill.

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