Fiona Lithander – Lead Nutritionist

Primary responsibilities:

  • To provide evidence-based nutrition advice on the appropriate amount, type and timing of intake of food and fluid for all athletes, sports teams and private individuals;
  • Specific specialist areas include training nutrition, preparation for competition (including competition day fluid and food), recovery nutrition, hydration, body size and shape, and dietary supplements;
  • As a qualified dietitian, Fiona can also advise athletes with diabetes, coeliac, food intolerance and allergies etc.

Fiona, who joined Team Bath in February 2016, has more than 15 years’ experience working as a nutrition researcher and lecturer in universities, and as a sports nutritionist for athletes from a range of sports including triathlon, running, multi-sport, football and water polo.

Her BSc, MSc and PhD all in nutrition mean that she has an excellent understanding of the impact of nutrients on optimal health and performance across training and competitive sport, and can translate the latest nutrition research into meaningful advice and recommendations for athletes.

Fiona’s PhD was in the area of fuel metabolism, that is, how the body utilises the fuels carbohydrate, protein and fat in different conditions. Fiona uses this expertise to help athletes to understand the importance of appropriate fuelling for optimal sporting performance.

For more information about the nutrition services Fiona can offer, see our Sports Nutrition page.

For a full breakdown of Fiona’s qualifications and experience, see her full biography: Fiona Lithander [PDF]

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