Luke Wilson

“My mission as a coach is to help as many people as possible to improve their quality of life through strength. Whether this be working with complete beginners, all the way up to future champion strength athletes…”

About Luke

I have been a qualified coach since 2017, during which time I have worked with people of all abilities and experience levels to work towards their health and fitness goals.

I am a competitive Powerlifter who has had the honour of representing Great Britain on two occasions; at the 2019 Western European Championships and 2021 World Powerlifting Championships. I also won gold at the 2018 and 2019 Junior English Championships, and 2019 British Junior Championship.

As a coach I have worked with two British Champion Powerlifters. I personally use Powerlifting as the vehicle for my own fitness goals and find it helps provide perspective when working with my clients towards their training aspirations.


  • L3 Personal Trainer.
  • NASM L4 PES (Performance Enhancement Specialisation.
  • British Powerlifting L1 Coach.
  • Hatton Boxing Instructor.
  • Kettlebell training.
  • Circuit training.


Luke is a fantastic Personal Trainer. He took the time at the start to really understand where I was in my life and what I needed to achieve my goals. The training has developed as I have achieved my goals and is always challenging whilst at the same time enjoyable. As soon as I master a technique or weight level, he ups my program to find a new challenge and to push the weight level up. We are now working on how I make my regular training a lasting habit. Luke is the complete package and comes highly recommended.

“Working with Luke is absolutely amazing, the amount of knowledge and attention to detail that comes with his coaching is top level. Whilst working with Luke not only did I get stronger but the way I view training and understand training completely changed for the better. I can’t recommend him enough for anyone wanting to get stronger or improve their form and mentality towards training.”

“I approached Luke about Personal Training and I can safely say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. He has taught me how to get the best out of every exercise, whilst being sympathetic and understanding of my limitations. His focus on ensuring complete accuracy in technique means that I am executing each exercise without risk of injury. I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for me on a personal level.”

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