Ollie Chick

“Fitness is about challenging the mind, building confidence and breaking through barriers that you didn’t even know were there. Training isn’t just a way to train the body, it allows one to tame the mind and find out what you are truly made of. Healthy body, healthy mind.”

About Ollie

I’ve been working at Team Bath since 2018, training a multitude of clients to find and realise their potential. I’ve helped my clients unlock skills in calisthenics, double their maxes in powerlifting and shed their goal weight while building muscle in the process.

I train to maximise my personal potential in a variety of disciplines including strength with powerlifting, endurance with triathlon, bodyweight mastery with calisthenics and flexibility with yoga. I’ve been training now for well over ten years but have spent more time researching and understanding the fields I teach and train in.

I never give any of my clients a workout I haven’t done and I never give a client an exercise that I don’t understand.

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