#20For20 – Team Bath Summer Fitness Campaign

Burn calories, back a charity

This summer, Team Bath is running a fitness campaign to encourage people to raise their fitness levels and raise money at the same time for charity.

The #20For20 target is for people to burn an additional 20,000 calories, above their normal routine, during a 20-week period. People also have the opportunity to join our drive to raise £20,000 for charity while taking part.

You don’t have to be a Team Bath member or University of Bath student or staff member to take part – this campaign is open to everyone looking to create impact and achieve their fitness goals.

Anyone can take part and to support people on their quest, Team Bath will be arranging a host of FREE fitness activities throughout the summer for those taking part, from cardio tennis, swimming pool sessions and exercise classes in the Sports Training Village to organised bike rides and walks in the campus area. Details of the sessions are available below.

We will also be hosting group challenges and prizes will be on offer for milestone achievements. The campaign will run until the 26th October, giving you plenty of time to burn those extra 20,000 calories!

To keep count of your calories, download our Team Bath Active app on iStore and Google Play or use your personal fitness tracker. Alternatively, you can use this calorie calculator as a guide…

Activity U60kg 60-80kg 80-100kg 100-130kg 130-160kg
Walk (3mph) for 30mins 120 160 200 260 320
Walk (3mph) for 60mins 240 320 400 520 640
Jog (6mph) for 30mins 300 400 500 625 750
Jog (6mph) for 60mins 600 800 1000 1250 1500
Biking (10mph) for 30mins 120 160 200 250 300
Biking (10mph) for 60mins 240 320 400 500 600
Swimming (fast crawl) for 30mins 330 440 550 690 830
Swimming (fast crawl) for 60mins 660 880 1100 1380 1662

How to get involved

To sign up for the #20For20 campaign and ensure you can access the free Team Bath fitness activities, please sign up using the form below. Your details will not be shared with a third party and will only be used to contact you regarding the #20For20 campaign and associated activities.

Click here to sign up!

Raise money for charity

To join the team and help us raise £20,000 for charity, connect to our Just Giving Team Page: www.justgiving.com/teams/TeamBath20for20

To raise money using Just Giving, you will need to set up your own page and join our team page – TeamBath20for20.

Want to know more?

Please email a.s.woodman@bath.ac.uk for further details about the #20For20 campaign.

Click HERE to find out what’s happened so far!

Activities for August 2018

Wednesday 1st August: 11am-3pm Hourly swim sessions
Wednesday 8th August: 12-12.45pm – Cardio Tennis with Dillon. STV Indoor courts

Please sign up for any of the activities you wish to take part in using the google form: https://goo.gl/forms/Aib2FlwG4wEltVw02

Monday 2nd July: 1-2pm Come and play tennis! Outdoor courts available to have a hit about.

Monday 9th July: 1-2pm Come and play tennis! Outdoor courts available to have a hit about.

Tuesday 10th July: 12-1pm Skyline walk with Lynda. Meet at the front entrance of the Sports Training Village.

Friday 13th July: 1-1.30pm 30 minute gentle run with Rob Whalley. Meet at the front entrance of the Sports Training Village. Sign up required

Monday 16th July: 1.1.45pm Zumba class in the fencing salle (Sports Training Village).

Monday 16th July: 6.30-7pm Rig conditioning class in the Team Bath Gym with Sam.

Tuesday 24th July: 1-1.45pm Spin bike session with Miles on the sprint track balcony (Sports Training Village).

Tuesday 1st August: 11am-3pm hourly swim sessions in our 50m pool.

Activities for June 2018

Wednesday 13th June: 1 – 1.45pm – Body circuits (indoor sprint track) with Amy & Sam. *Sign up required via google form

Saturday 16th June: 11.15 – 11.45am revolution cycle fitness class (sprint track balcony). Sign up via STV main reception: 01225 386339.

Olympic Day Run (5km) at 2pm.

Wednesday 20th June: 12–12.45pm Cardio tennis (indoor tennis courts). *Sign up required via google form.

Tuesday 26th June: 1pm–2pm Campus Walk (with Stuart S, meet at STV entrance). *Sign up required via google form.

Tuesday 26th June: 1.30-2pm Beginner Spin Class with Sam Holmes (sprint track). Email: A.S.Woodman@bath.ac.uk to sign up.

Wednesday 27th June: 12pm – Rounders tournament (more information below).

Wednesday 27th June: 11–3pm – hourly swim sessions (lane allocated). *Sign up required google form.


Staff Rounders Tournament – Wednesday 27th June – 12 midday

12pm start – on the Eastwood pitches. Come along to a fun inter-departmental rounders day. Team size between 8-12. Each department can enter more than one team, with a minimum of two games per team depending on numbers. Email John Flower to enter: J.Flower@bath.ac.uk. Further details will be sent out closer to the day.

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