Online fitness and wellbeing sessions for staff and students

Get fired up for the day ahead with a high-intensity exercise class, improve your general fitness and wellbeing through pilates, or relax and unwind with meditation and yoga sessions.

Rengen Lettings 2021 logo with grey backgroundThose are among the free online fitness and wellbeing opportunities being provided to University of Bath students and staff, thanks to funding from the university and Team Bath sponsors Rengen Lettings.

Inspirational instructors from the Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre and the local Bath community are streaming sessions via Zoom, allowing people to keep active and motivated wherever they are. There is something for everyone and sessions can be tailored to your fitness level, so get involved!

How to take part

All of the sessions are streamed via Zoom (click here to download and sign up) and are accessible on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 100 participants per session. The waiting room will open 15 minutes before the class begins and the instructor will admit people when the session goes live.

Please click here to view the class links – please note this page is only accessible to students and staff with email addresses.

Current timetable (click on the session name or scroll down to find out more)

Each session is 45 minutes unless otherwise stated. Please note that some sessions may not be taking place every week over the summer due to holidays.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1000 Pilates
1030 Body Conditioning
1230 Latin Fit
1300 Pilates
1700 Yoga Barre Fluid Yoga

Class descriptions

Instructor: Frank Davis of Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre (
(45 minutes; Monday 1700; Wednesday 1700)

Release the stress of the day and feel reenergised for the week ahead with this yoga session led by Frank Davis, founder of the Bath School of Shiatsu & Yoga and a popular teacher at the Team Bath Gym. All you need to take part is some floor space and loose, comfortable clothing.

Latin Fit
Instructor: Maria Cristina.
(45 minutes; Tuesday 1230)

An innovative freestyle workout that incorporates Latin dance steps as the foundation for a fun and exhilarating cardio dance fitness. This workout – led by Madrid-born Maria, who has been a Flamenco, Danza Española and ballet dancer most of her life – will lift your spirits while burning calories, improving flexibility and tone. Wear loose comfortable clothes and trainers.

Barre Fluid
Instructor: Tamsyn Butt of Port de Barre (
(45 minutes; Tuesday 1700)

Tone your body with ballet conditioning techniques led by experienced tutor and dancer Tamsyn Butt. Suitable for those with ballet experience as well as total beginners, the class uses movements similar to those used in ballet conditioning which sculpts the body by toning and strengthening. It is a minimal impact but all-over body workout which tones the thighs and arms, flattens the stomach and lifts the bottom. Wear loose comfortable clothes and ballet shoes, barre socks or go barefoot.

Body Conditioning
Instructor: Sam Holmes of Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre (
(45 minutes; Wednesday 1030 – please note there is no class on 7th July)

This classic exercise class is hugely popular at the Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre – join Sam for a high-energy, whole body workout that hits all the major muscles and can improve your overall fitness. Tailor the workout to suit your fitness level and use everyday household objects like cans of food to add resistance to some of the exercises.

Instructor: Emma Collins-Jones and Brenda Armit of Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre (
(45 minutes; Thursday 1000, Friday 1300)

Pilates, with its emphasis on improving general fitness and wellbeing, is ideal for people of all ages and ability. A low-impact form of exercise, it has been shown to develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture and good breathing technique. All you need to join in is an exercise mat and some floor space.

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