Download our Team Bath Active app

Team Bath Active App

Book a workout slot, fitness class or swim, and monitor your activity with the Team Bath Active app – available on iOS and Android.

Team Bath Gym’s cardiovascular equipment – which includes treadmills, exercise bikes, cross trainers and step machines – is all powered by Matrix Fitness, whose technology allows users to synchronise their workouts with our dedicated app. Using this technology, gym users can record their workouts and monitor long-term progress with the option to share and compare with other users.


The Team Bath Gym & Fitness Centre also supports MyZone technology, an easy-to-use monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned and effort in real time. It can also be connected to screens around the gym facilities, allowing you to compete in fun MyZone Challenges against other gym users.

A special Team Bath discount is available when buying the MZ-3 belt. Speak to our memberships team for more information.

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