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For more information please email Sports Scientist Jonathan Robinson or call on 01225 383636 to discuss your needs.

A flexible service designed with you in mind

Our service is extremely flexible, multi-discipline and will be designed entirely around your needs and unique situation.

We can provide in house or on location services on a regular or one-off event basis.

We can also provide educational sessions as well as practical delivery.

Some examples of service that we provide are as follows:

Healthy lifestyles

Educational sessions based around exercise and subsequent exercise nutrition to keep you in top shape (or working towards it)

Health and fitness assessment

We’ll measure your status in terms of cardiac risk factors (including blood pressure, weight, waist to hip ratio, blood glucose, lung function) whilst also assessing your fitness using a sub-maximal exercise bike test.

Postural screenings

Back, neck and shoulder problems are commonly caused by postural issues, often related to the way in which we sit and move in the work place. Everyone’s body is constructed differently and works in different ways, however with some simple principles in mind, many problems can be cured and avoided in the first place.

You’ll benefit from an individual assessment of various postural-related factors and get advice as to how to go about improving posture, cure niggling problems and maintaining a good physical base through simple exercises.

Sports Injury Clinic - Physiotherapy

Our team of Physiotherapists provides a full range of services including both sporting and non-sporting injury treatment, injury prevention and functional education in a number of areas.

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Fitness testing

Test your levels of fitness at our in-house Sport Science Lab. Our Sport Scientists can help you set a baseline against which your progress can be measured.

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Sports nutrition

Do you know what to eat and when? We can help you balance dietary intake with the demands of your training, helping you achieve peak performance when it matters most.

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