Hydrotherapy is a warm water-based treatment method which makes the most of the buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure from the water to assist with the following goals:

  • Enhance mobility
  • Reduce pain and muscle spasm
  • Improve and maintain joint range of movement
  • Strengthen weak muscle groups
  • Increase physical fitness and functional tolerances
  • Re-educate normal movement patterns
  • Improve balance
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Improve posture
  • Improve confidence


Hydrotherapy treatment usually consists of gentle stretching, floatation, relaxation exercises, strengthening exercises and movement rehabilitation.

Hydrotherapy can benefit a vast population of individuals, from those returning from an ACL injury looking to resume their sporting activities, to those who have lost confidence in their balance and are looking to improve their mobility.


If hydrotherapy sounds of interest, email or give the team a call today on 01225 383 636 to discuss whether hydrotherapy is for you. A first appointment within the physiotherapy clinic may be required to identify your goals and injury/medical history.


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