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We believe that contemporary discussion lies at the heart of education.

As such, we have spoken to a number of prominent individuals within sport in order to ensure our delivery at the University of Bath remains at the forefront of the industry. These conversations can be found below.

8. Those Feet Were Made for Walking – Mr Derek Robinson

In this episode, foot and ankle surgeon Derek Robinson joins the Team Bath Physio & Sport Science Podcast. Discussing common pathologies that he sees in clinic, the latest trends in foot and ankle surgery and answering some questions from the podcast listeners, this is a very interesting episode.

7. Strength & Conditioning – Two incredible physical challenges (Bob Smith and Luke Vella)

Bob and Luke are the two senior S&C coaches at Team Bath who, in 2016, are undertaking two very different physical challenges in the name of a very special charitable cause. Find out more about their journeys through the challenges as they discuss periodisation, tendon health and repair, and management of training load. A very interesting episode with a range of S&C topics discussed.

Please donate to Bob’s Grand Appeal in support of Bristol Children’s Hospital at:

If you want to join Bob on any of his runs, or just keep updated with his progress, you can find more information at:

6. Growth & Maturation – Episode 4, Psychological Development of the Sporting Child/Adolescent (Dr Sean Cumming & James Lambdon)

In this fascinating episode we welcome back Dr Sean Cumming and introduce James Lambdon to the Team Bath Physio & Sport Science Podcast. In the final episode around growth and maturation, we discuss how children cognitively and emotionally develop, highlight some difficulties that we may encounter when working with children and tie all of the theory together in some case scenarios at the end.

There is a huge wealth of information in this episode, and if any listeners have any questions then please contact me at and I will do my best to answer them.


5. Who We Are, Why We Do

In this short episode, James Boyd talks us through who he is, why he is passionate about delivering the Team Bath Physio & Sport Science Podcast and what to look forward to in future sessions.


4. Growth & Maturation – Episode 3, The Footballing Academy (Gary McDermott, Steve Grinham, Joel Moody)

In this interesting episode, three coaches of Southampton FC talk us through the unique academy set-up based in Bath. They talk us through what drives them to succeed and how they strive to develop the next footballing star, as well as the next generation of good people. An interesting insight into the world of academy football.


3. Growth & Maturation – Episode 2, Skeletal Maturation & Traction Apophyseal Injuries (James Boyd)

For the second episode in the series on growth and maturation, listeners are treated to the expertise of host James Boyd, a physiotherapist at the University of Bath. Within this episode he discusses the development of bones through maturation, and links this to common adolescent injuries (traction apophyseal injuries) such as Osgood Schlatters.

Below are a few sources James makes reference to within the episode. Feel free to delve deeper into these for more information:

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2. Growth & Maturation – Episode 1 (Dr Sean Cumming & Corinne Yorston)

In this the first episode within a series focusing on growth and maturation, the Team Bath Physio & Sport Science Podcast is delighted to welcome Dr Sean Cumming (research fellow within the subject matter) and Corinne Yorston (S&C coach, currently undertaking a PhD in the subject).

They offer a wealth of knowledge and discuss everything from what growth and maturation means to how it is measured and what best practice may look like when working with children/adolescents. An episode not to be missed.

Find out more about Sean and Corinne on the following links:


1. The Art of Winning (Jason Gardener MBE):

In this first-ever episode we are privileged to welcome Jason Gardener MBE. In this fascinating discussion, Jason recollects his experiences of winning the Olympic Gold medal in the 4x100m relay and when he first broke the elusive 10-second barrier. He discusses difficulties and elation through his career and touches upon the current, highly publicised topic of doping in sport.

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