Recreational sportspeople and clubs

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For more information please email Sports Scientist Jonathan Robinson or call on 01225 383636 to discuss your needs.

A number of ways in which we can help

Whether you are a member of the local running club or represent your Sunday League football team, our range of support services are relevant to you.

If you are seeking to improve your performance, there are a number of ways in which we can help.

Often neglected, considerations that support your training and competition such as Strength & Conditioning, Sport Psychology and Sport Nutrition, can bring about dramatic performance benefits.

You choose which areas you want help with, you choose the frequency, you tell us about your goals and training routine and you tell us your budget.

We’ll put together a package to suit you and help you achieve your goals and perform at your best.


Supplementary Strength & Conditioning work (from programme design to coached delivery), Effective Recovery, Nutrition, Performance & Video analysis.


Performance Psychology, Injury Prevention and Management, Effective Preparation and Recovery, Performance Nutrition, Performance & Video analysis.

This can all be delivered as part of your regular routine, or on a training camps basis.

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