Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology concerns the study and application of psychological principles to people aiming to improve, develop, or maintain their performance levels, and more thoroughly enjoy the experience of performing in sporting settings.

Sport Psychologists are specifically trained to engage in a broad range of professional activities with individuals, group, or teams engaging in sporting pursuits. Such actives can include:

  • The identification, development, and execution of the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required for excellence in performance settings.
  • Understanding, diagnosing, and prevention of psychological, cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and psychophysiological barriers to consistent, excellent performance.
  • The improvement of environments to facilitate more efficient development, consistent execution, and positive experiences in sporting settings.

Our team of practitioners consists of Chartered Psychologists (registered with the HCPC), and Trainee Psychologists (current completing the final stages of their professional training), all highly experienced in providing psychological support to a wide range of individuals, groups and teams.

Our practitioners work to understand what is unique about the people they work with and use strength-based approaches to create personalised support plans to meet individual or team needs, helping clients to perform at their best when it really counts, whatever the sporting or performance pursuit.

We support athletes, student-athletes, coaches, officials, support staff, and performers with a wide range of psychological aspects of performance, including (but not limited to): confidence, performance anxiety, motivation, concentration, resilience, responding to failure, coping with pressure, managing transitions, dealing with sport injury, and more.

Sport Psychology is much more than simply problem fixing. Whatever the sporting or performance pursuit, get in touch to discuss how working with us on the psychological side of your performance can benefit you and/or your team.

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