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Do you know what to eat and when? We can help you balance dietary intake with the demands of your training, helping you achieve peak performance when it matters most.

During regular training, pre-performance, during performance and post-performance, what you eat and drink can have a dramatic effect on your ability to work effectively.

By spending some time considering your dietary habits and routine, you can ensure that you are getting the most from your training and maximising your ability to perform at your best. We can provide:

  • food diary analysis
  • hydration testing
  • supplement advice
  • educational sessions

Whether you are just serious about getting fitter and healthier, or whether you are an elite athlete, our services can really help you to achieve your goals.

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Health and exercise

Our team of experts can provide health and exercise guidance to non-sporty types, to help you make sure you’re fit for life. Available for group sessions or as one-to-ones.

Sports medicine

Team Bath, through its work with elite athletes and its association with the on-site English Institute of Sport, has built up a network of good practitioners in the local area. We can offer you support and guidance in this field.

Katy Williams Physiotherapy and sports massage - Pictures Sam Farr

Our team of Physiotherapists provides a full range of services including both sporting and non-sporting injury treatment, injury prevention and functional education in a number of areas.

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Injury Problems
Injury problems

Nagging aches and pains? Recent injury or accident? Our team will get to the root of your problem and get you on the road to recovery. We don’t just treat – we solve.

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Sports Massage at the Sports Injury Clinic
Sports massage

Our team of Sports Massage therapists can help you prepare to train or compete at your very best, as well as easing the aches and pains of everyday life.

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