Paralympic star Sophie Kamlish training at the STV

Track and field athletes of all disciplines can enjoy some of the nation’s best facilities and support services whilst training at the University of Bath.

The University’s athletics coaching team is led by Colin Bovell, Head of Track and Field, and his team covers all of the athletics disciplines.

Rob Ellchuk, coach of Paralympic and World Champions Paul Blake and Sophie Kamlish, and James Hillier are among the other coaches who use the Sports Training Village facilities to prepare their athletes for national and international competition.

Performance Athletics Training Timetable

Day Time Time
Monday 17.00-20.30
Tuesday 10-12.30
Wednesday 15.30-18.30 16.30-19.00
Thursday 10-12.30 16.30-19.00
Friday 10-12.30 16.30-19.00
Saturday 10-13.00

The coaching team

Some of the best coaches in the world of athletics put the athletes through their paces here at Team Bath.

Find out more about them below.

Colin Bovell: Head Track & Field Coach

Rob Ellchuk: Sprints Coach

James Hillier:National Coach and Athlete Development Manager, England Athletics

Ken Holmes: Throws Coach

Christian North: Pole Vault Coach

Dave Sacker: Middle Distance Coach

Paul Weston: Jumps Coach

The University of Bath campus. Photo: IDPS University of Bath 2011

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