Teams and training times

A wide range of student teams

The University of Bath’s rugby programme consists of Union, League and Touch teams catering for various levels of ability.

  • Men’s 1st XV – BUCS Super Rugby, Somerset Cup, support Bath Rugby A League.
  • Men’s 2nd XV – BUCS Premier South A, BUCS Vase, Bath Combination Cup, Somerset Cup.
  • Men’s 3rd XV – BUCS Western 1A, BUCS Western Conference Cup, Bath Combination Cup, Somerset Cup, friendlies.
  • Men’s 4th XV – BUCS Western 3A, Bath Combinational Cup, friendlies.
  • Men’s 5th XV/6th XV/Freshers – Fresher’s Grand Prix, Triccs, friendlies (inter-club and others).
  • Men’s Jaegers XV (social rugby, student-led) – Local/regional/inter-club friendlies.
  • Women’s 1st XV – BUCS Western 1A, BUCS Trophy.
  • Men’s Rugby League XIII – BUCS Premier South A, BUCS Cup, BUCS 9s.
  • Men’s 7s 1st – BUCS Championships 7s, England Uni Hubs Tournament, support Bath Rugby 7s, two performance tournaments.
  • Men’s 7s 2nd – BUCS Trophy 7s, two social tournaments.
  • Women’s 7s 1st – BUCS Championships 7s, one social tournament.
  • Mixed Social 7s – one friendly or social tournament, full and half-pitch competitions.
  • Multiple touch rugby teams – University Touch Series.

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New students applying to the University of Bath

Individuals wishing to study at the University of Bath who are looking to get involved in playing in any of the above teams can download our recruitment form [PDF], fill in the relevant information and return it by email to Director of Rugby Aaron James on

For more information about our touch rugby programme, email Bronte Sykes on or

Local rugby clubs

The University of Bath is proud to have strong connections with many of the local rugby clubs found in Bath and its nearby regions, with students made aware of the playing opportunities available.

For a comprehensive list of clubs found in the area, see our document below:

Bath regional rugby clubs [PDF]

Training times

The following represents a typical week in season for students selected for men’s and women’s teams (training times may vary depending on match fixtures):


AM: Backs and forwards skills training (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams)

PM: Women’s whole-team training


AM: Team runs (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams)/women’s captain run-throughs


Afternoon: BUCS matches/women’s matches/local matches/freshers’ training


All day: Rest and recovery (teams who played Wednesday)/fresher’s training


AM: Conditioning, skills & training games (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th teams)

PM: Women’s whole-team training


Occasional matches


Occasional training (1st and 2nd teams)/fresher’s tournaments

Additional sessions

Additional skill sessions are assigned to a variety of teams.

A level of strength and conditioning and physiotherapy clinics are provided for players in the first and second teams and may vary based on student timetables and training work load.

  • Joint IKON founders Peter Hargreaves and Steve Chant (centre left and right) join the rugby family as sponsorship is announced.
    Sponsor us

    All sponsorship revenue is invested in the rugby programme for the students benefit. We welcome any new sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in supporting Team Bath Rugby please contact Aaron James, Head of Rugby.

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  • Rugby sporting scholars 2016 Jack Davies Hugo Stiles Jack Edmondson

    The University of Bath was the first UK university to offer sports scholarships and today 34 student athletes, who have displayed potential for success both academically and athletically, benefit from scholarships.

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  • University of Bath Hall of Fame for Sport inductee Steve Borthwick (centre) with (left) Steve Egan, Vice-President (Implementation), and Director of Sport Stephen Baddeley (right)

    We keep in touch with our Alumni through the website and through rugby newsletters throughout the year. To ensure you can receive our updates, please register your details on our dedicated Alumni website.

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